INTERVIEW about"y533" from his youth

nn April 2nd, 2016 Taiyo Someya who released through his label,
"Botanical House" the 3rd album "y533" had an interview with Kyota Sugai at Tokyo.

Someya :Hello. Letfs get down to work, OK?

Kyota Sugai : Hello. Thank you for having me.

Someya :How old were you when you first started music?

Kyota Sugai :I started music when I was 14 because of my brother.

Someya :Oh, really. What kind of music were you playing then?

Kyota Sugai : I was in a punk band. It's relatively easy to start composing with as an entree. Cord and cord progression carries a great importance, and so, I immersed myself deeply in the research.

Someya : I felt after listening to the characteristics of your music that, at some point in your life, you passed this stage of punk. In fact, for our generation, melodic hardcore is kind of an extension of Beatles type music. In short, these music resulted from melody and chord progression. I was interested in making my original songs. Soon after I learned how to play the guitar, I started making my original songs.

How old were you when you started making your original songs?

Kyota Sugai : I think it was a year or two after I started music. But, as I learned about chord, my disappointment grew by it.

Someya : Disappointment?

Kyota Sugai : I found out that, it's possible to make a good song this way at first glance. I was in my puberty so, i felt "oh, this is how the world works..."

Someya : Yeah, I had the same thought. But I've learned to take that positively.

Kyota Sugai : What do you mean?

Someya :First, it was the joy of discovering that "this is what music is all about". I also felt that something out of the norm can be made.

Kyota Sugai : That's great.

Someya : Why didn't you continue the punk band?

Kyota Sugai : When I was in the Rrd grade of high school, I thought that their music style and mine won't match in the future. So I began making music on my own.

Someya : That's understandable. That's how Kyota Sugai's bedroom music started, hun?

Kyota Sugai :At that time, I got a small composing machine. I had been using that machine to compose and arrange music.

Someya : Composing machine?

Kyota Sugai : It's actually called a sequencer. It was an envelope sized machine with a black and white display. When I think about it now, it was really hard to use. But when I think about it now again, that sequencer is just as good as the new ones. It could do everything.

Someya :So you thought that you are better suited to do home recording.
Did you ever think about playing music or making it your job in the future?

Kyota Sugai :Yes, I did. I even went to a special music school.

Someya : Ah, that's right. How was that school? Was it worth going?

Kyota Sugai : I think, the school provided me with a wide variety of music seeds. I played in lives, made PV on the computer. There were classes on rhythm, composing and the history of light music etc.

Someya :I heard from somewhere that, music is not something we learn and I have assumed that until now. I really don't have the basics. I regret it, just a little.

Kyota Sugai :When do you feel so?

Someya : I deeply feel my lack of skill, when we get together at a studio to play, on the stage and when arranging songs.

"I have accomplished a role."

Someya :It's another topic, but where did you make and release your first album "Italy"?

Kyota Sugai : At the special musical school, there was a teacher who took great care of me and I took my composing machine to his home, because he had a good microphone. So, we re-recorded everything. Then I made a demo-tape. I got to do the mixing at an affiliate of Sony music and they released "Italy".

Someya : I see. How did that happen?

Kyota Sugai :I sent my demo-tape everywhere.

Someya : Oh really? Do you remember how you felt when you released your first album?

Kyota Sugai : It felt good.

Someya :That music is a great achievement for a 19 year old. Your basic music world feeling hasn't changed now and then.

Kyota Sugai :Thank you.

Someya :Since then, your 2nd album"Madonna"was released from an independent label Oooit Records. How did this happen?

Kyota Sugai :The previous label and I didn't see eye to eye, because I was competing musically with foreign artists Including old time musicians. Our outlook became different. They were right, though.

Someya :I really understand that. I was also competing against old time foreign artists. It's really important to be ambitious. Unless artists have that kind of strong mind, It's difficult to produce great music.

Kyota Sugai :I am surprised to know that there is someone else who thinks so too. haha

Someya :What happened after that?

Kyota Sugai :Sound source was ready. there was another agency, which liked my music. I'm not sure but, maybe that agency had a connection with "Oooit " , so Oooit and that agency released it together.

Someya :Did you feel that the album "Madonna" would sell?

Kyota Sugai : I didn't think that, it would sell much. But, I felt that I have accomplished a role in my life.

Someya :That's great. Were you satisfied with the album?

Kyota Sugai : Yes, I was.

Someya :This was the first time for me to touch your music and after that I listened to it a lot. Your music at that time was the quirkiest and I like it the most.

Kyota Sugai :Thank you so much.

"You can go to sleep listening to wy533x"

Someya :Your new album "y533" is coming soon. How do you feel? " Lamp" which I am a member of, other works that I am doing and every song, every album that we release, I feel ," take that world! you won't find anything like it anywhere!".
Do you have that kind of feeling in your new album y533?

Kyota Sugai :Not at all. haha

Someya: Really? How do you feel about it.

Kyota Sugai: Ifm not so sure, but if I sleep on it, I may figure it out.

Someya: Thatfs a good answer. I may be a little slow. Because, after I listened to your new album I noticed that, the song gMadonnah recorded on your album gMadonnah already had the feeling leading to gy533h.

Kyota Sugai: gMadonnah was the latest song. It is sober but itfs my favorite song. In this way, I found my frontier and eventually opened it up.

Someya: What kind of influence was put on songs in gy533h?

Kyota Sugai: For example, do you mean the tempo is slow? My album was influenced in many ways, but in those days, my mind and body felt tired. Now, I take care of myself trying to lead a healthy life and exercising. But, in those days I couldnft listen to up-tempo music. Generally speaking, for slow-tempo music, there was only reggae and easy-listening music. Thatfs why, I needed gy533h. I felt, if there were a demand for this kind of music, Ifd be happy.

Someya: Ifd like to ask you, how you made the sound for gy533h. This album is really different from the sounds you hear nowadays. I really like this and feel happy about it. I really like the first song gSweet bathing h.

What is the order and how did you record it?

Kyota Sugai: Thank you. Everything is done simultaneously. Let me talk about some strange stuff. When making gSweet bathingh, I imagined elements of math, geometry, diagrams with my feelings. And, singing and playing instruments were done organically.

Someya: When making songs, what was important for you? Were you particular about anything?

Kyota Sugai: This may sound a little technical. For example, the song gBotanical gardenh, I used a chord called major 7th with B in basic C, E and G chord. When you play this chord slowly, there is a distinct looseness. On the other hand, the ring was too fashionable for me and it was too hard to handle. So, I used the main note as F# and I could course up the whole sound. I also think, I could express a kind of humidity felt in a green house. Like in gSweet bathingh, there are some songs that I removed the notion of chord in sections. This is how I made this album.

Someya: The way you think is very interesting. You sometimes use these kinds of expressions like gtoo fashionableh.

When you are makings songs, do you think about the listener? What kind of people would you like, to listen to your album?

Kyota Sugai: Of course to all music lovers. I made this album without favoring anyone. For example , if there is someone who is gloomy, it would be great to let them know about this album. Ifd be happy if people would listen to my album and get back to their normal lives. But listeners who arenft used to my music, may find it uneasy to listen to. It is troublesome, but there is a way to listen to my album. For example, the best way is, you happen to wake up in the middle of the night. If you listen to it at that time, you will feel that the tempo and tune are comfortable for you. Whether you think itfs worth it or not, why donft you have a look at the trailer PV opened before the release of this album.

Someya: Which song is your favorite? Please tell us what you like about it.

Kyota Sugai: The two songs we talked about and I like the guitar solo of gBright Timeh. And gSun Breakh. I think that, the structure of piano introduction for gTime Fliesh came out pretty good.

Someya: I didnft expect you to say, guitar solo or piano introduction. I thought youfd say something more overall. I also love gSweet Bathingh. If I were to choose two more songs. Ifd choose gBoil A Kettle Againh and gSunshineh. Itfs really difficult to choose favorites.

What is music to you?

Kyota Sugai: Humor.

Someya: I like music with a musical sense of humor. On the other hand, I donft like incorporating linguistic humor in music. I feel a lot of musical sense of humor in your music. Please tell me, what you are into nowadays. Something about music or anything else.

Kyota Sugai: I always want to keep myself active, so I want to stay as fit as possible even without getting much sleep. I am interested in knowing the effects of muscle on the mind and body. I have also been focusing on yogurt and black vinegar. I mix protein in them and drink 500ml everyday. But, I ditched my muscle training so my body became lax. haha

Someya: Finally, would you like to say something to the listener of this album?

Kyota Sugai: Ifm rather glad if you fall asleep listening to my album. Just like when a passenger falls asleep in a moving.

Someya:I hope that this album sells well, so that the re-release of the 1st and the 2nd album becomes smoother. I hope to make an environment conducive to release the next album. Thank you for your time today.

Kyota Sugai: Thank you very much.

(2016 April 2nd , Jinbocyo Tokyo)